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Union Break

It all started at a local cigar shop in Fresno, California. While sitting in conversation with one of the owners Chris, we noticed that several members of a local Union would come in during the mid afternoon each workday, grab some small sweet-tipped cigars, and enjoy a brief smoke on the patio. In speaking with one of the workers, he talked about how much this was the highlight of their day. Jokes abound, he declared this as their mandated “Union Break”. The problem? We really hated what they were smoking. They deserved better.

Our response was to create little, small premium hand made 4 x 38 cigars that were long-filler and composed of the same premium tobacco we use in all our cigars. Initially, Union Break comes in a 150 Count Display Box broken up into three sections containing three different wrapper cigars: 50 Connecticut Shade, 50 Connecticut Broadleaf, and 50 Shade/Broadleaf Barberpole cigars. Each cigar is ever so slightly sweetened on the tip to create a truly, enjoyable short smoke. Refills for each section are purchasable as 25 count refill bundles. Regardless of your profession, everyone is entitled to their own little Union Break — we hope you enjoy yours with us.


Medium / Medium


Medium / Medium Plus


Pending Tasting Notes


Ecuador / Connecticut desflorado / CASJUCA / A.S.P. (Perez)
United States / Conn. Broadleaf / Lancaster Leaf
Ecuador & United States (Barberpole) by A.S.P. & Lancaster Leaf

Nicaragua / Oliva Tobacco Co.

Nicaragua / Oliva Tobacco Co.


Regular Production
Conn Shade Small Cigar (4 x 38) - 25 Count Refill Bundle
Conn Broadleaf Small Cigar (4 x 38) - 25 Count Refill Bundle
Barberpole Small Cigar (4 x 38) - 25 Count Refill Bundle


The 150 Count Display Box is a Natural Wood, Hinge-top Display Box with 6 Bundles Included (2x Shade, 2x Broadleaf, 2x Barberpole). Refill bundles come backpaged in Kraft Paper. All boxes, bundles, and individual Cigars come with barcoding and cellophane.

All Union Break Cigars are Manufactured by Nicaragua America Cigars, S.A. (NACSA) in Esteli, Nicaragua. The production manager in charge is Raul Disla.